Commercial Ideas for a Book in the Classroom?

Answer A commercial or advertisement is one way teachers get students to give oral book reports. A good book commercial in the classroom will both show your teacher that you have read and understood the b... Read More »

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Classroom Book Report Ideas?

Book reports allow students to give summaries of books they have read to their classes, usually focusing on topics such as the characters and the plot. Book reports are often effective ways for tea... Read More »

Who is the African American actor in the new yellow book commercial where he is sitting with his supposed wife waiting for the book to MAGICALLY appear He was in an 80s or 90s sitcom?

The name is Dorien Wilson. He is from the HBO show "Dream On" back in the early 90's.

Which is the best method for book color printing for commercial?

If you have the time the Xerox machine would be cheaper, but, and there is always a but in this case. You are talking 1250000 print pages. The none commercial one's cartridges print between 1500 ... Read More »

Can I publish a book at home&send it to a commercial printer?

Commercial printers who specialize in self-publishing services typically prefer all material related to your book to be uploaded into their databases in PDF form. However, some printers may make ex... Read More »