What three base colors do monitors use to compose all other colors?

Answer Computer monitors display images by mixing various amounts of red, green and blue light together to make all the other colors---hence, the name RGB monitor. All computer monitors are RGB monitors.S... Read More »

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If someone blocked me on Facebook, can they see what I comment on other peoples' posts?

Nope, they can't. They can only see their friends talking to themselves. Haha.

Three colors mixed together within the CRT to produce all other colors?

Yes this is true. Red Cyan/GreenBlue

How to Match Colors to Other Colors?

Matching or coordinating colors to other colors is important not just in fashion but in home decor as well to create a visual effect of harmony. According to the Ask Andy About Clothes website, "Ha... Read More »

Please comment: Italian cuisine is superior to all other forms of food.?

Yes, but the "real" italian cuisine, not that kind of food named italian with a lot of fat, cream and other.