How to Comment a Line in Html?

Answer Comments are a very helpful feature in HTML, as they allow you to place text inside of your HTML documents without it being displayed. This article will demonstrate how to place HTML comments insid... Read More »

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Whats the nastiest comment you've ever sent or received on a site such as Youtube or Facebook?

hmmmmmmmmmmm this oneWe may not always create or invent, but we will always learn and improve when we try, never afraid to do something new, it’s the mistakes we get to learn lot from.

Can you make a facebook comment visible only to the person tagged in the comment?

On youtube, why does it say comment pending approval everytime i comment?

because the video poster restricted comments until he allows them...he will eventually read ur comment and if he likes it...he will allow it to be displayed

Help please!pick up line!?

You should re-post this in a relationship section instead of land phones. That said, do you want to be with this person or just want him to want you? If you want to be with him, just talk to him.