Comcast universal remote with magnavox tv?

Answer Comcast sucks at just about everything, including posting incorrect codes for their remotes. use the codes you see in the book, just add "1" in front of the code. Took care of my magnavox. Here are... Read More »

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What is Magnavox DVD Player dp100mw8b remote code on a comcast remote?

What is magnavox DVD player dp100mw8b remote code on a dish network universal remote?

What is the magnavox MWC245T tv code on a comcast remote?

Two easy suggestions.1) Trick: pre-pend a 1 to the code.Some have found by just adding an additional "1" in-front of the comcast remote code works.For, example,My Magnavox codes found at:http://www... Read More »

What are the Codes for Magnavox TV when using a GE Universal remote?

its easy click I for info then click cut the it shouldor get a knife!