Comcast question (need answerd by tomorrow)?

Answer I know i know!!!!! Ok so instead of using the remote for the TV use the buttons on the TV itself. Change to channel 3 and voila. I know because my boyfriend (don't hate) just got his plasma TV over... Read More »

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Serious Question Tomorrow?

(((Smurfy))), I'm so sorry...Bring the beauty of life at Springtime to her - so flowers, for sure.The suggestion of spending time with family photos is wonderful, too.Yes on a nice dinner, as well.... Read More »

Question concerning high-speed internet through Comcast?

Comcast is who I have my hi-speed service through. After two years, I'm very satisfied with them. Their customer service is quick, efficient, and they rarely have downtime. The only tradeoff ... Read More »

Need comcast remote code for tcl lcd tv?

Try 10047. Worked for me the fist time.I've read elsewhere that Logitech Harmony universal remotes will work using RCA codes, they suggested L32HD31 as your TV to get it to control the TCL tv and c... Read More »

Do I need a digital converter box if i have Comcast cable?

If you are receiving your television programming from a cable service such as Comcast, you do not need a digital converter box to continue to do so. However, if you wish to take advantage of certai... Read More »