Combustion Experiments for Kids?

Answer Combustion is the process that takes place when oxygen atoms, heat and a fuel source react with each other. Combustion is also called burning. Do not try combustion experiments without having a fir... Read More »

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Density Experiments for Kids?

Density is an abstract concept for young students. Use creative experiments to demonstrate density visually at home or in the classroom. Use common items such as water, eggs, oil and salt to demons... Read More »

Penny Experiments for Kids?

The penny is a useful prop for a multitude of science experiments. Pennies are abundant and cheap, and their properties make experiments possible in areas of physics, chemistry and biology. In a cl... Read More »

Electronic Experiments for Kids?

Science projects and learning experiments are always fun for children, especially when they are hands-on and can show them an actual result. Electronic experiments allow for creative ways to help c... Read More »

Genetic Experiments for Kids?

Genetics is a field of science related to the inheritance of traits through reproduction and the combination of DNA. This subject is often introduced early in a child's educational career with a st... Read More »