Colors to Paint a Day Care?

Answer According to a publication of the Center for Leadership in Education, learning environments should use varieties of color to maximize learning. Learning rooms that incorporate different colors and ... Read More »

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House Paint Colors & Complementary Trim Colors?

Using a color with its complement, defined as its opposite on the color wheel, allows the colors to make each other stand out due to the contrast. While this may seem garish on a house, selecting y... Read More »

Paint Colors That Go With Rust Colors?

There is no single, definitive shade of rust. Rust is what happens when iron-based metal is exposed to oxygen over time, and it is generally a saturated shade of brown, red or orange. Rust is a so... Read More »

What paint colors make garnet paint?

Garnet is a red purple hue mixed from Alizirin Crimson and Cobalt Blue. If Cobalt blue is not available Ultramarine Blue can be used.

Different Colors to Paint a Car?

Paint is an important feature on any vehicle, as it not only gives a vehicle character and individuality but also serves to protect the body panels from corrosion. The options for auto paint have c... Read More »