Colors That Pair Well With a Pink Tiled Bathroom?

Answer Now that you've finally refinished most of the house, one thing is still left on your list and that's remodeling the pretty pink bathroom that you love but your spouse hates. No problem. If you're ... Read More »

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What Colors Would I Use to Decorate a Pink Bathroom?

Pink is a color associated with femininity and innocence. It is often used to decorate little girl's bedrooms and is frequently found in the bathrooms of houses built during the 1950s. Though a pin... Read More »

Tiled floor heating up in bathroom?

Poltergeist?Hope this helps.'av'a g'day mate.'')

How much can I expect to pay to have my bathroom floor tiled?

This depends on the size of the bathroom, which type of tiles you choose and if you hire someone to do the installation. Installation can cost $5 to $10 per square foot, and tile can cost between $... Read More »

We've had a leak in your bathroom sink which is now fixed. The floor is tiled and is we cannot access the subfloor.How do we dry the wooden underfloor?

Answer Try using a hair dryer or a fan directed at the wet spot. The air will penetrate the floor and dry it out