Colorado Law on Eviction of Mobile Home?

Answer Mobile home park evictions are not handled under Colorado's Landlord and Tenant Act, but the Mobile Home Park Act. Colorado enacted this separate set of laws and regulations because the mobile home... Read More »

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State of Colorado Mobile Home Repo Laws?

The state of Colorado allows lenders to repossess mobile homes in the event of a default on the loan. Mobile homes are usually financed with personal property loans, which makes the mobile home the... Read More »

If a false report was made to the Arizona mobile unit suicide team who assisted in removing you from your family home is it an illegal eviction or a lawful act?

Answer The removal would be a lawful act, as the team was acting on what they believed to be true and accurate information. It wouldn't be eviction in any case; the charge would be kidnapping.

Colorado Eviction Law?

Colorado has a number of eviction laws and regulations that provide tenant and landlord rights. It determines valid reasons for eviction, the legal process of eviction and time periods between each... Read More »

Colorado Roommate Eviction Law?

It's frustrating when roommates don't work out, especially if a roommate refuses to pay rent, damages the building, or doesn't even have a lease agreement. Colorado's Landlord and Tenant Act provid... Read More »