Colorado Law on Eviction for Non Payment?

Answer Rental agreements outline several rights and responsibilities of both the tenant and the landlord. Timely payment of rent constitutes a major responsibility of a tenant, and failure to do so can re... Read More »

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How long will eviction take from the last house payment?

An eviction can take anywhere from five weeks to three months, depending on whether the tenant shows up for the eviction hearing, what the judge decides and if there are delays of any kind.Source:F... Read More »

Colorado Eviction Law?

Colorado has a number of eviction laws and regulations that provide tenant and landlord rights. It determines valid reasons for eviction, the legal process of eviction and time periods between each... Read More »

How to Start Eviction Process for Non-Payment of Rent?

Under the ancient traditions of the common law, a landlord could forcibly evict a tenant who had violated his or her lease. Now, this self-help remedy has been expressly forbidden by most states as... Read More »

Eviction Procedures in Colorado?

Colorado civil court procedure requires the filing of a Forcible Entry and Detainer/Eviction form to start an eviction process. This filing goes to the court if a landlord has a breached lease for ... Read More »