Colorado Gas Price History?

Answer Gas is expensive in Colorado, and tomorrow always promises even larger price increases, or so it seems. Examining historical trends around the country and in Colorado can clarify whether or not gas... Read More »

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How to Compare Housing Price History With Salary History?

Economists, bankers and real estate analysts often compare the changes in housing values and salaries to make informed decisions. These comparisons shed light on housing conditions, affordability s... Read More »

The History of Gold Mining in Colorado?

The dome of the Colorado State Capitol Building in Denver appears to glisten with the rich luster of gold. This is for good reason: the entire surface was plated with gold donated by Colorado minin... Read More »

What is the coldest weather in Colorado history?

The coldest weather in Colorado history is -61° F. The temperature was recorded on February 1, 1985, in the small ranching town of Maybell, which is located in the northwest region of the state.Re... Read More »

What did Florence Sabin do to change Colorado history?

Colorado-born Florence Sabin revolutionized the state's public health laws. After becoming the first female graduate and later first female professor at John's Hopkins University, she retired and r... Read More »