Color Theory in Architecture?

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What is the three color theory?

The Young-Helmholtz theory, commonly called the three color theory, states that there are three different types of retinal receptors. The receptors are able to combine three colors through individu... Read More »

Color Wheel Theory?

Color theory applies to both the physical and psychological properties of color. They can change the way you feel. So use them to draw attention, set a mood, or make a statement.Reds can raise your... Read More »

Color Theory & Psychology?

Color can have a profound effect on mood, as well as physical and mental health, sometimes without individuals even knowing. Color is one of the most important aspects of human visual sensory. It h... Read More »

Color Constancy Theory?

The human eye is an amazing organ. It interprets thousands of complex signals within seconds, providing people with a visual sense of their surroundings. Color is a vital factor in sight. It plays ... Read More »