Colonial Peasant Dresses in the 1600s?

Answer When the Europeans first settled Massachusetts and other colonies in the 1600s, their new lives required hard work of them all. Clothing required a great amount of energy and skill to produce and h... Read More »

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Online Sewing Instructions for Girls' Peasant Dresses?

Peasant dresses are variations on smocks, characterized by a gathered neckline and a simple shape. They are easy to make and alter for a growing girl and require only basic sewing skills. A girl's ... Read More »

How to Make Colonial Dresses?

The Colonial period was a time of increasing wealth for the United States, which was reflected in the dresses worn. Once colonists were able to make more money on the raw goods exported from the co... Read More »

18th Century Colonial Dresses?

During colonial times in the 18th century, women wore dresses of a style influenced by the styles seen in Europe at the time. Women's dresses had various parts, such as a shift and petticoat, that ... Read More »

How many people got TB in the 1600s?

Tuberculosis was a leading cause of death in 1650, but no one knows how many suffered from the disease. Sylvius identified tuberculosis in 1679 and named tubercles as changing the lungs in his "Ope... Read More »