Colonial Life and Elementary Student Projects?

Answer When you're teaching Colonial history to students who never have known a world without computers, cell phones, HDTV and the Internet, it may seem difficult to make a bygone era come to life. With a... Read More »

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Elementary School Student Leadership Projects?

Building leadership skills can be as important as building reading and arithmetic skills. Leadership cannot necessarily be taught, but it can certainly be modeled and practiced, even in the element... Read More »

Mechanical Engineering Projects for an Elementary School Student?

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Colonial America Elementary School Activities?

Elementary school children typically enjoy studying what life was like in other eras, particularly when their imaginations are unleashed. They can explore what life was like in a given time period ... Read More »

Projects on Colonial History?

Although people sometimes argue that life in colonial times was simpler due to the absence of electronics and technology, it was actually far more labor-intensive. This is, in part, due to the fact... Read More »