Colonial Carolina's Natural Resources?

Answer Like all of the English colonies in North America, Carolina's economy was largely constricted by mercantile laws that prohibited the manufacture of finished goods in the colonies and promoted the e... Read More »

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Resources for Teaching Colonial Life in America?

The Colonial period of American history began in the early 1600s and lasted until 1776. The colonists came to America for a variety of reasons, from the desire for religious freedom to the desire f... Read More »

Why are natural resources important?

These are imortant because they provide food and shelter for us to survive

Utah's Natural Resources List?

The state of Utah has many wide-open expanses of land, including mountains, deserts and forests. Among Utah's diverse natural resources are several that contribute to making various products or pro... Read More »

List of Limited Natural Resources?

The Earth is filled with natural elements and even ancient civilizations took notice of the benefits of using these elements. Natural elements become resources when human beings collect, harness or... Read More »