Collision Repair Information?

Answer You pay for collision repair coverage in your vehicle insurance policy, but if you don't take charge when there is an accident, you might get shortchanged and your car might not get properly repair... Read More »

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Information on Automotive Collision Repair?

Automotive collision repair is a much needed service in the U.S. Despite the availability of other forms of transportation, the highways still remain full, and accidents do happen.

How to Pay the Deductible for Collision Repair?

A deductible is a small payment you must pay in addition to whatever your insurance company is paying for collision repair. The amount of your deductible depends on many factors, including the deal... Read More »

How to Get a Collision Repair Estimate?

Obtaining a collision repair estimate is the first step in getting your car repaired. How and where you get the estimate depends on many factors, but it basically has to do with what your insurance... Read More »

Collision Repair Tools?

Collision repair is among the most complex and costly types of service an auto shop offers. Cars that have been severely damaged may need extensive service, including new parts and repair to existi... Read More »