Colleges in the Southwest Region?

Answer High school students in the Southwest United States have access to higher educational opportunities near their hometowns. While the region has large state universities, some students attend small p... Read More »

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The Average Salary for Helicopter Mechanics in the Southwest FAA Region?

Aircraft mechanics and service technicians, a Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational category that includes helicopter engine specialists, earned average annual salaries of approximately $45,000 t... Read More »

Southwest Florida Community Colleges?

Choosing the right community college is important. Many students have the idea that community colleges are all the same, but this isn't true. Before you decide which school to attend, it's importan... Read More »

Can most laptops/PCs with DVD drive play multi-region DVDs or are they usually region locked like DVD players?

Most of them can play all DVDs through Windows Media Player (as long as you have downloaded all of the Codexes from the Microsoft Website), Dell's default Media Experience setting is for one region... Read More »

Can I make my DVD drive multi-region because i have changed the region the max no. of times, can you log on...?

Once you exceed the limit of region changing, the DVD drive is not longer usable, ie it is ruined. There is a chip in the drive that tracks it. You could try the manufacturers website and re-flash ... Read More »