Colleges With Medical & Choral Classes?

Answer If you see yourself as the next Robert Thayer Sataloff or Cleve Francis, you may want to consider a medical school that also has choral classes. Sataloff and Francis both found success as physician... Read More »

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Colleges That Offer Medical Illustrator Classes?

Medical illustration uses different parts of the brain specializing in both art and science. Students must demonstrate a basic understanding of artistic principles as well as a knowledge of human a... Read More »

In how many schools colleges medical colleges the training of medicinal herbal gardening is provided?

Classes to Take for a Medical Lab Technician?

Medical laboratory technicians perform a variety of tests to detect and diagnose disease. Thus, they have an important role to play in the health care industry. Many schools offer a two-year certif... Read More »

Art Classes in Colleges?

Art is a broad topic with different meanings to different people. For those interested in pursuing an art career, college is not always necessary, but it can be beneficial in learning about varying... Read More »