College tuition and payments should cost less?

Answer Everyone should have the right to go to college and get an education without the fear of putting yourself in overwhelming debt to do it. I believe the high cost of college deters people from atten... Read More »

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What is the most cost effective way to cover $25,000 per year in college tuition with good credit?

Jellybeanchick is right - welcome to the world of 2008 college financing.Once upon a time, not all that long ago, there was a robust market for what are known as "private" or "alternative" loans. T... Read More »

Should college students be able to pay tuition with Community Service?

I think that we should be able to pay for college tuition with community service because some people are too poor to pay for college and then they cant go and further their education.

How to pay my college tuition?

Thats insane. the whole point of fafsa is to find out the people who don't have enough money and to give then grants/low cost loans. I wish you gave more info about your situation. Do you mean your... Read More »

Can I use CHEESE to pay for my college tuition?

It's worth a try, who could refuse a hefty lump of Cheese!