College student planning to co-sign to buy house?

Answer On the fafsa application.Your credit scores/history had nothing to do with you getting financial aid as long as you don't plan on taking out those EVIL private student loans. Federal loans do not ... Read More »

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Are there any student loans out there where the student can repay after their 4 years of college?

Planning to go to wheaton college in IL?

You'll be too busy with your own things to bother with them. Trust me - you'll forget those guys within a week. ;)

I'm not planning on going to college.....?

If you don't think you will be motivated for college then don't go... You sound like you have contempt prior to investigation, but that is for you to decide.I have a ton of education and it is tru... Read More »

Can a college student buy and register a car in the state where she is attending college and still remain on the parent's policy from another state?

Answer Yes, The insurance of a vehicle has no bearing on where the car is purchase or register.