College question!!! Help?

Answer its cumulative...meaning all four years of high school

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Question about college?

Anglesey council are generally really good. I know you can get a free bus pass from them for college, a luxury I wasn't afforded as a mature student coming from Gwynedd :(You can get the Welsh Asse... Read More »

I have a question about going to college and FAFSA? has a great section on this topic of getting your parents on your side with the FAFSA. Some of this is going to be useful to your situation.…Go... Read More »

College aid question FAFSA EFC?

It means you're going to have to pay at least $8,484 toward your schooling. Note that I say "at least." You will, more than likely, have to pay more. You're also not applicable to receive a Pell Gr... Read More »

Question about attending community college Anyone?

Juno:That's going to depend on your school, but the answers are "maybe" to your first question and "probably not" to your second.There are community colleges in the US that offer housing, but gener... Read More »