College money help!!?

Answer Apply for grants and scholarships asap. They are free money. Student loads will screw you. Use them as a last resort. Offer random men handjobs (safe no std risk) to pay for college. I know one gir... Read More »

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Can anyone help me , i need money for books, for college?

your school should have a special fund for students to help them pay for books. go to the financial aid office and let them know your situation and i am sure they will tell you the name of the fun... Read More »

I'm a college student and i need help with my money because......?

You should do a budget you can find many sites to compile a budget like You can look into getting a IRA account. You can save for the future and use it when you get out of college or for... Read More »

I'm a sophmore in highschool, is there anything I can do to help prepare for college (money wise)?

It is really fantastic that you are looking ahead and planning for college as a high school sophomore! Yes, there are things you can do to increase your chances of scholarships and money for colleg... Read More »

HELP ME! (college) I wanna know what kinda job I can have with my intertests! (and where i can get money)?

I suppose teaching WOULD be a good field for you as well as sociology (social working) or nurses or dental assistants. There is a growing demand (at least here in the US) for nurses, and assistants... Read More »