College loans. Cant pay them and being sued.?

Answer What company did he take out a loan with? I've never heard of a student being sued because he didn't make his payments. I know MANY students who don't make their payments and if anything, they are ... Read More »

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How should a student pay for college if their parents refuse to pay and FAFSA gives only loans to them?

File as an independent, not as dependent on your parents. This way they look at your personal income, not your parents. This also means your parents cannot claim you on their taxes-- which gets the... Read More »

Help with my Student Loans (college loans)?

Consolidating student loans is not always a good option for folks. I hate to hear lenders pushing this off on people because you don't have to consolidate loans to have the payments deferred eithe... Read More »

How to Reply to a Summons of Being Sued?

If you have received a summons in regards to a civil lawsuit that has been filed against you, replying to the complaint is a straightforward and relatively easy task. After notifying your attorney ... Read More »

Should you respond to being sued for custody?

i am being sued by my child father how do i response to this matter i don,t have money for a attorney