College loans. Cant pay them and being sued.?

Answer What company did he take out a loan with? I've never heard of a student being sued because he didn't make his payments. I know MANY students who don't make their payments and if anything, they are ... Read More »

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Help with my Student Loans (college loans)?

Consolidating student loans is not always a good option for folks. I hate to hear lenders pushing this off on people because you don't have to consolidate loans to have the payments deferred eithe... Read More »

The Best Loans for College?

Scholarships are one of the best ways to fund your college education. However, not everyone qualifies for these, and most students need to take an educational loan, to be repaid with interest. Fede... Read More »

What is the best way to go about college loans?

First, check with your financial aid office. Explain why you need to borrow so much to attend school. See if there isn't any way to get more grant and/or work study money.Then ask the school if t... Read More »

How do you pay college loans?

student loan debt is considered GOOD DEBT! and, depending on the type of loans you have (federal/private) and teh payment plan you picked determines this. Getting married/having kids,etc is all pos... Read More »