College aid question FAFSA EFC?

Answer It means you're going to have to pay at least $8,484 toward your schooling. Note that I say "at least." You will, more than likely, have to pay more. You're also not applicable to receive a Pell Gr... Read More »

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I have a question about going to college and FAFSA? has a great section on this topic of getting your parents on your side with the FAFSA. Some of this is going to be useful to your situation.…Go... Read More »

Transfering college, should I refile fafsa for that college or do it once accepted...?

You do NOT wait to file your fafsa. Apply for financial aid as soon after Jan 1st as possible. It is almost March!! What are you waiting for!!You can list up to 10 different schools. You do not... Read More »

FAFSA Question?

FAFSA for college?

You'll use the 2008-2009 FAFSA. Please wait until your 2007 taxes are completed prior to completing the 08-09 FAFSA.I would rather work with a clean FAFSA than one going through verification ... w... Read More »