College Search Tools?

Answer Visiting a prospective college is always a good idea, but other options allow students to prescreen a college to determine if it will be a good fit. CollegeBoard is a website that specializes in co... Read More »

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My Web Search Removal Tools?

The My Web Search toolbar is located on the Internet Explorer browser, and it is designed to provide instant access to Internet searching. This toolbar tracks Internet searches and keeps tab of per... Read More »

How to Search College Programs?

Finding the right college or university is a process that can take several months. In order to find the best fit for you, you will need a strong understanding of exactly what your needs will be. On... Read More »

The Best College Search Websites?

Picking a college or university is one of the biggest choices a young adult can make. The college a student goes to will play a big role in shaping a student's career plan and, ultimately, his futu... Read More »

A College Search Checklist?

Choosing a college can be easier if you have a strategic plan to guide your search process. Although family and friends can influence your choices, selecting a school is a life-impacting decision t... Read More »