College Math Projects Involving Slopes?

Answer The first course in algebra students take is usually called algebra I. It is also called linear algebra, because the graphs of the functions linear algebra deals with have a consistent slope. Maste... Read More »

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Math Projects Involving Marbles?

Math is part of our everyday lives. For this reason, it's essential to gain a firm understanding of math concepts and skills. Manipulatives are small objects that provide a concrete example of how ... Read More »

Math Projects Involving Rubber Bands & Marbles?

While the first image of rubber bands and marbles in the hands of schoolchildren may not conjure up educational pursuits, the creative teacher knows otherwise. These simple, every day tools can be ... Read More »

Math Projects for College?

The critical thinking skills that characterize post-secondary education in mathematics rely upon students' abilities to not only solve problems, but analyze the methods for doing so. Thus, the hand... Read More »

Math Games Involving Prime Factors?

Factoring is like taking a number apart to see its components. For example, the prime factors of 12 are 2, 2 and 3, since 2 X 2 X 3 = 12. You can teach students to factor by making simple factor tr... Read More »