College Flight Schools?

Answer Flying through the sky in an airplane is a thrilling and exhilarating experience that only licensed pilots can enjoy. Flight schools train and prepare students to fly passengers around in commercia... Read More »

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Flight Schools in the U.S.?

For students in the U.S. who want to learn how to fly, there are many options. Whether you are seeking a career in commercial aviation or a private pilot's license, several flight schools are avail... Read More »

Ultralight Flight Schools?

Ultralight aircraft is a term used to describe very lightweight, single or two-person airplanes. Some of the first ultralight aircraft were basically hang gliders fitted with a seat and a small eng... Read More »

Milwaukee Flight Schools?

The City of Milwaukee, Wis., is home to one major airport, with a variety of other airfields in the metro area. In addition to General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee is host to the Lawre... Read More »

Indian Flight Schools?

Flight schools have become more popular around the world as people from all walks of life seek training to become airline pilots or to fly private planes for personal enjoyment. India, with 1.2 bil... Read More »