College Dorm Picture Ideas?

Answer The pictures you choose to adorn your dorm room should be a reflection of you or those occupying your dorm room space. If you are sharing space within a dorm, it's a good idea to understand your ro... Read More »

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Ideas on Decorating My College Dorm?

Adjusting to the dorm lifestyle can be a big challenge for college students. Privacy is gone, and your personal space is limited, especially if you share you room with one or more fellow students. ... Read More »

Ideas for College Dorm Pranks?

If you are frequently the victim of college dorm pranks, drop that victim label and go on the offensive. Come up with a college dorm prank that will put your friends to shame, and make them admire ... Read More »

Roommate Gift Ideas for a College Dorm?

There are several reasons to give your roommate a gift. His birthday might be approaching, the holidays might be coming up or you may just want to give a gift to say thank you for being a good room... Read More »

How to Cook in a College Dorm?

Going to college often means the leftover pizza, Ramen noodles, and Chinese carryout diet. Usually dining options on campus may be limited, unhealthy, and expensive, and you can't lug an entire kit... Read More »