College Dorm Clothing Checklist?

Answer Packing for college can be a harrowing experience. You suddenly have to narrow your wardrobe down to a small, packable set of clothes that will sustain you until the next time you visit home. Creat... Read More »

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What do you think about my college dorm?

Spice it up with some posters. A cute bed lamp might help, too.

College dorm internet use?

I am a work-study student in the IT office on my campus (and I just completed my minor to be a computer forensics investigator) and I will tell you exactly what goes down. When you log onto the net... Read More »

Is it possible to get your own dorm room in college?

Sometimes. It depends on the college and what they're particular policies are. They cost more, though. Most colleges provide singles to students with medical conditions that require privacy and to ... Read More »

How to Cook in a College Dorm?

Going to college often means the leftover pizza, Ramen noodles, and Chinese carryout diet. Usually dining options on campus may be limited, unhealthy, and expensive, and you can't lug an entire kit... Read More »