College Courses Needed for Aircraft Pilots?

Answer Becoming an aircraft pilot is a very desirable career choice. You get to travel the world and experience something fun and exciting every day. Many people may think you need a college degree or eve... Read More »

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Where could you find a college to study carpentry for interior custom jobs such as cabinets furniture and get a degree or does any college supply needed courses for someone interested in this field?

Or you can do it like I did it. Inter the school of hard knocks (the School of life) I started out as a finish carpenter then \"graduated\" to doing all trades because I started a remodeling busine... Read More »

What College Courses Are Needed to Become a Coroner?

The popularity of crime dramas that focus on the science and technology of criminology placed the spotlight on a long-overlooked portion of police work, and helped spark interest in forensic scienc... Read More »

What college courses are needed for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service?

they are feds so none just a high school diploma but that might change soon

College Courses Needed to Graduate With a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering?

A chemical engineer uses chemical reactions to solve problems in society. The chemical engineer takes the chemist's studies and applies those findings to processing facilities. Besides the required... Read More »