College Child Care Centers & Single-Parent Retention Issues?

Answer College child care centers are a growing necessity, providing on-campus services for an increasingly diverse student population. With increasing numbers of single parents attending classes and work... Read More »

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What's better A single parent to collect welfare, or a single parent to work and their child is in daycare?

Fair point, but being the proud, evil conservative libertarian that I am, I say daycare and work. If no one HAD to work, not many people would choose to work.Really, K, I'm howling at the idea tha... Read More »

If a child has a deceased parent and the one living parent doesn't properly care for the child can they live with a older sibling?

Good luck.It would depend on what the situation is and how poorly he or she is being cared for, but the child or the sibling would have to call child protection services and have them check it out.... Read More »

What happens if the child protective services takes kids away from a parent Can they get them back What if the single parent is on drugs Will the kids be safe from the parent?

child services would not let the parent have their kid back because that kid could die because of their parents

Child Care Centers Training?

Child care centers must ensure that their staff members and caregivers are properly trained. Not only will this keep child care centers in compliance to operate, children will ultimately benefit fr... Read More »