Collar bone fracture ?

Answer Ouch! It's hard to tell whether it's broken. It doesn't sound like it but you should get it checked anyway.

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My Collar Bone was Completely Broken, X-ray was of the Ribs, mostly. "Possible Fracture"?

Jana,In order to sue a doctor for malpractice you must establish two things; one, that the doctor fell below the standard of care, the standard of care being that which another reasonable, prudent ... Read More »

How do I get rid of a zit on my collar bone?

pop it, and put an anti-septic &/or anti-bacterial on it.spots are caused by bacteria, they eat skin pore secretions, and your body responds to the bacteria build up by attacking them - if there's ... Read More »

What happens if there is a dent in my collar bone?

Collar bones don't dent, they break. What probably happened is that there is swelling that makes it seem like it's been dented it that there is a curve in the bone that you just noticed after the w... Read More »

How to Recover from a Bone Fracture?

Recovering from a bone fracture can sometimes be a painful, tiring, and frustrating process. Here are some tips to hasten your recovery from a bone fracture.