Collar bone fracture ?

Answer Ouch! It's hard to tell whether it's broken. It doesn't sound like it but you should get it checked anyway.

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My Collar Bone was Completely Broken, X-ray was of the Ribs, mostly. "Possible Fracture"?

Jana,In order to sue a doctor for malpractice you must establish two things; one, that the doctor fell below the standard of care, the standard of care being that which another reasonable, prudent ... Read More »

How do I get rid of a zit on my collar bone?

pop it, and put an anti-septic &/or anti-bacterial on it.spots are caused by bacteria, they eat skin pore secretions, and your body responds to the bacteria build up by attacking them - if there's ... Read More »

I broke my clavicle or collar bone..?

I broke my clavicle skateboarding the 2nd week of summer last year and they gav me a sling as well. They do that though, because you can't exactly get a cast on your collarbone.But! You need to hav... Read More »

How to Recover from a Bone Fracture?

Recovering from a bone fracture can sometimes be a painful, tiring, and frustrating process. Here are some tips to hasten your recovery from a bone fracture.