Collagenase Treatment of Diabetes?

Answer Currently, there is no cure for diabetes, but there is hope in a new treatment called pancreatic islet cells transplantation that uses collagenase enzymes.

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What is the treatment for diabetes help plz....need help?

There are many ways people can control their blood sugar levels.Exercise, understanding how foods will affect you, medication and natural supplements are some great ways and can be very effective.H... Read More »

What is the treatment for feline diabetes?

Feline diabetes most commonly occurs in older cats due to obesity. However, certain medications and pancreatic or hormonal disorders also contribute to its development. Treatment of feline diabetes... Read More »

What is collagenase santyl ointment used for?

Santyl ointment is an enzymatic debriding ointment that removes or breaks down necrotic tissue (dead skin) from wounds and burned skin areas. It is safe, effective and selective (will remove only d... Read More »

Should people with type 2 diabetes receive expensive treatment?

Just what is the difference. Should we just kill all type 2 diabetics. This is a dumb question. Type 1 take up most of treatment because they are diabetic longer.