Collaborative Science Projects?

Answer Collaborative science projects can be huge when they make use of today's technology. Classroom-to-classroom doesn't even need to be in the same country anymore, as emails, websites and the like all... Read More »

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Collaborative Art Projects?

Collaboration is defined as working with others to create something. When making collaborative art, one must share ideas, understand others' concepts and thoughts and create a completed finished ar... Read More »

Collaborative Learning Projects for the Classroom?

Collaborative learning is a method of learning that puts emphasis on group work as a means of gaining knowledge. The group work involved in collaborative learning varies and can be either short, be... Read More »

Collaborative Online School Projects?

The old saying two heads are better than one can apply to almost any situation. Advancements in technology have made it possible for students to communicate with others who have the same interest.... Read More »

Collaborative Math Projects for Grade 8?

New math concepts like basic algebra and geometry are often introduced to students around the eighth grade. Some studies have shown that students learn better in collaborative situations, working w... Read More »