Coleman Lantern Safety?

Answer Over one hundred years have passed since W.C. Coleman demonstrated his first gas lamp. These lamps would serve as the inspiration for the lanterns that would later provide a guiding light to soldie... Read More »

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How to Dismantle a Coleman Lantern?

The Coleman Company has sold over 50 million lanterns since 1901. The lanterns require periodic maintenance such as replacing wicks or pumps. Dismantle a lantern to change these parts; Coleman lant... Read More »

My Coleman Lantern Won't Work?

The Coleman lantern is ubiquitous in outdoor recreation. If yours is not working, a few simple steps can having it back in use in no time.

How to Rebuild a Coleman Lantern?

Coleman lanterns, tucked away in everyone's camp pack, are a camping staple. Many a camper has spent a night or two outdoors reminiscing and telling tales by the ambient glow. Knowing how to restor... Read More »

How to Use a Coleman 295-700T Lantern?

Coleman is a well-known producer of camping equipment, lanterns and other outdoor products. Many situations require the use of an outdoor lantern. Use of these lanterns ranges from camping trips to... Read More »