Cold vs warm beer! What do you like?

Answer Cold. What is wrong with you? Everybody knows warm beer tastes like piss.

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What do you like to do to keep you warm in this cold weather?

Log Fire, Soft MusicSomething / somebody HotSnow outside.............

What do you like to eat while drinkng a cold beer?

I don't like beer, but I like liquor. Want to open up to beer. What's a good starter?

I don't know much about beer, but stay away from everything you see in commercials and expect to pay $$$ for beer that doesn't taste like piss

What is a warm&cold air humidifier for?

Cold winter months cause people to use the heating system in their homes to their full potential. However, the dry heat of the system can cause dry mucus in the nose, which can lead to infections.F... Read More »