Cold vs warm beer! What do you like?

Answer Cold. What is wrong with you? Everybody knows warm beer tastes like piss.

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How long will beer last in a warm keg?

Tapped, unpasteurized keg beer will last three to four weeks if kept below 40 degrees F. Once tapped, a warm keg will begin to go bad in 8 to 12 hours. Once the taste goes bad, cooling the beer wil... Read More »

Warm or cold water?

Normally it is the one that is closest to your body temperature.It may seem like when you are thristy or hot that a cold drink is cool and refreshing ti really is not. If you drink cold water your ... Read More »

How to Keep Warm on a Cold Winter Day?

It’s winter, it’s cold, and you really don’t want to leave your warm bed. Unfortunately, you can’t stay in bed all day, and you may even have to go outside in the awfully cold weather. How ... Read More »

What is a warm&cold air humidifier for?

Cold winter months cause people to use the heating system in their homes to their full potential. However, the dry heat of the system can cause dry mucus in the nose, which can lead to infections.F... Read More »