Cold, ches pains, and wrist problems?

Answer Blessings. I know you cannot go to the Doctor, but you have to find a way to go, I'm not a Doctor, but I don't like the system you are describing, some time a cold can make your chest hurts, so c... Read More »

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Severe pains in my wrist and fingers, need help?

This Is most likely carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive stress disorder. You will need to go to your doctor for and MRI Ct-scan to be sure. Good luck.

I keep getting wrist pains like it's fractured and don't know why,would love another persons opinion.?

put an ice pack on you may have to put some paper towel around it do that for 20 min 2 or 3 times a day but do go see someone about it good luck!

PLEASE Help.. My 86 year old mother`s left hand and wrist just for no reason started getting very bad pains ?

In wish i can give a sure answer but i can't but I'm sending u the WeB MD website which many people say it's good when it comes to finding out information like this. I hope it helps & hope your mom... Read More »

Should you use cold or hot compress for sore wrist?

Use cold for the first few days to control swelling and pain; then heat to promote healing.