Cokezone codes that no-one's used?

Answer I have unused Coke codes but how do you suggest to receiver them? Make your email active?

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Anyone got any CokeZone Codes?

No but maybe ask offline friends to put some aside ...

THe series of codes, represented by numbers (ones and zeroes) used to communicate directly with the internet..?

Answer A becauseyou know that everything a computer does is based on ones and zeroes It's kind of like the computer is made up of a bunch of lights-witches, and each light switch controls just one ... Read More »

What kind of battery should I buy for my old Minolta that used Mercury ones?

There is BAD news and GOOD news ~First the bad news, there is no reliable direct replacement that can be used for this battery,.The good news is that there are a number of good work arounds includ... Read More »

Can cell phone devices other than the ones that Boost Mobil provides be used with the service?

All phones are locked to be used with their specific network. So you can't use a Verizon phone or another cell phone company onto Boost Mobile network. You would have to purchase a new Boost Mobi... Read More »