Coke / pop / soda?

Answer The mid west usually calls it pop, which seems strange to me but it never fails after I visit family in Iowa it takes me about a week to start calling it soda again. ( I live in CA). I dont drink ... Read More »

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Besides the usual Pepsi & Coke Which other kind of Soda do you like Which is also your least favorite Soda?

My favorite soda is Diet Dr. Pepper. I also like regular Dr. Pepper when I can't find diet. In my opinion, they taste the same, but I usually go with the diet because it has 0 calories. My least fa... Read More »

Do you say soda, coke, pop, or something else?

Coke is the generic term for the fizzy stuff here!* You are 100% Texan if you have ever heard this conversation: "You wanna coke?" "Yeah." "What kind?" "Dr Pepper!"

Do you say SODA, COKE or POP?

Do you call it "POP", "SODA", or "COKE" and where are you from?

Good question, I have always been amazed how different areas call it different names. In Omaha, it's a pop, in St. Louis everything is a coke, even if you want a Dr. Pepper, you say lets go get a c... Read More »