Coke or Arizona which ones worse?

Answer Actually( although this doesn't answer your question) it wasn't a retarded idea to add caffeine to Coke.If it was, why is the company worth so many Billions of dollars?It was a brilliant idea.( ori... Read More »

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Diet coke vs coke which is worse?

Regular coke-Sugar rots your teeth and makes you fat if you drink too muchDiet- gives you cancer.overall det coke is worse, and it tastes worse anyway, all diet drinks are bad this way.

How much worse can ones eyesight get in 4 months?

you don't say how old you are. Typically eyesight worsens when you are growing stablizing in your early twenties , but noone can really say what will happen to you specifically. It is likely it wil... Read More »

Who is worse older siblings or younger ones?

older ones usually push you around when younger ones nag.

Is Coke or Pepsi worse for you?

Tomato - tomahto.No real difference from what I've read