Coilover Information?

Answer Cars rely on a suspension system to assist vehicle handling, braking and weight balance distribution. A coilover is a key component in a car's suspension system.

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DIY Coilover?

Installing an aftermarket coilover suspension kit is one of the best ways to enhance the handling characteristics of your car. It features heavy dampened shocks and an adjustable vehicle ride heigh... Read More »

How to Adjust Coilover?

Custom cars have many suspension options, but one of the more popular ones is a coilover. It replaces the existing shock and coil combination with an adjustable spring. It's easy to adjust, and mea... Read More »

What is a coilover suspension?

a coilover suspension is a vehicle suspension with a coil design. This design is light and compact. Vehicle suspensions support the weight of the vehicle, give the vehicle a specific height, mainta... Read More »

How to Fix Coilover Bounce?

Aftermarket coilover systems substantially improve your vehicle's handling by utilizing a more performance-oriented spring and shock combination compared to the stock suspension. Many coilovers als... Read More »