Cognitive Ideas With a Thanksgiving Theme?

Answer Lessons that intend to teach about Thanksgiving should absolutely incorporate cognitive-or thinking-skills into them. Whether students are pondering the implications of the first Thanksgiving feast... Read More »

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I need any ideas for a 12 year old b-day party. I need a theme, food ideas, and game ideas!?

Well you have your theme! It should be "everything that I love to do" and by "I" I mean YOU. Have a sleepover (those were my FAVORITE type of B-day parties when I was growing up)Start it a like 5 o... Read More »

What should I do for Thanksgiving Ideas anyone?

Heh, your husband sounds as stubborn as mine. :)OK, here's what I'd do in that situation. Call your supermarket deli and order a cooked turkey now to be picked up on T-day. Let them do that part... Read More »

Ideas for Thanksgiving Centerpieces?

Nothing sets the mood for dining like an eye-pleasing centerpiece, and no other time of year is more popular around the dining room table than Thanksgiving. The table centerpiece is important but t... Read More »

Thanksgiving Art Ideas for Children?

Thanksgiving art ideas for children not only provide amusing activities, they help make the holiday's history and themes come to life. Most Thanksgiving themes incorporate general harvest, fall and... Read More »