Cognitive Development in Early, Middle and Late Childhood?

Answer Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget adhered to the constructivist view of education. This view claimed children learn by building on prior knowledge and experience. Piaget was one of the first to recogn... Read More »

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Is an Associates degree in Early Childhood Development the same as one in Early Childhood Specialist?

Yes, there is a difference. An Associates degree in Early Childhood Development (CDA), has several hours of training in 8 different areas; as with the Early Childhood Specialist you have training ... Read More »

What are some cognitive deficiencies in mental retarded infants and early childhood?

In short, yes. Autism is a spectrum disorder which means that it is found in a range of severities. It can be very mild and the person has few problems or it can be severe and they require more ca... Read More »

[Early Childhood teachers Plz Help) strategies to help children's cognitive,emotional & social skills?

do an activity with pair themselves...or group themselves...(cognitive, social, emotional)give each group a large piece of paper and a crayon to each child..tell them draw on you pap... Read More »

How to Enhance Early Childhood Development?

Enhancing their child's early development is an important and necessary job of parents. Although your child will spend time with teachers and other educators, you still have the primary job of teac... Read More »