Coffee stops you from growing?

Answer There is no evidence that coffee can stunts your growth. The only side effect of coffee is preventing you from sleepless and make you nervous.…

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What stops you from from growing flowers, food or naturalizing your front lawn?

Nothing, the neighbors used to be annoyed that I refused to grow grass. Now they are curious, especially when they see me plant in and around stumps to rot them away.I don't think I could live if I... Read More »

What stops our eyebrows and eyelashes from growing as long as our head hair?

Hair follicles have a cycle. After going through a longer period of hair growth, the hair will usually fall out, and then the follicle will go through a period of rest and repair. The reason why di... Read More »

What To Do if a Tomato Plant Stops Growing?

The first birthday is a big one for parents. Even though the child won't remember the event, it lives on in photographs and the memories of the guests. The parties often follow the same theme, comp... Read More »

Can a scoliosis curve worsen after the patient stops growing?

On One Hand: Progression During GrowthScoliosis progresses the most during adolescence, when the bones are still growing. Doctors usually wait until after the patient's bones have stopped growing t... Read More »