Coffee or tea, hot or cold?

Answer Coffee hot. Tea either way.

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What do u like more-cold coffee or hot coffee.......?

Totally I don't prefer coffee very much, but to your question I feel like having a hot coffee because here in NZ it is already Autumn and the cold is there for our body...Thanks for your request an... Read More »

How i make cold coffee or ice tea?

Brew your coffee or tea, let it cool, then put it in the refrigerator...not too hard to figure out.

How to Make Refreshing Cold Coffee?

It is too hot to step outside. Refresh yourself with this easy to make refreshing summer drink which wont take more than 10 minutes to prepare.

Will instant coffee dissolve in cold water?

Yes, but the warmer the water is the faster the instant coffee will dissolve. It will dissolve but a whole lot slower than if the water was warm. The colder the water is the slower the water molecu... Read More »