Coffee made me anxious. What can I do to help it Maybe alcohol?

Answer A shot of alcohol would probably calm you down but this pleasant effect is only a very temporary effect and this very temporary remedy could become a habit if you get carried away.

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Does coffee make you nervous or anxious?

Yes. But it was not always so. I used to thrive on espresso and had my own machine and, of course, a regular coffee machine, and both were put to work throughout the day. Since I was working from h... Read More »

Is the holy water alcohol made of alcohol?

How often should a fresh pot of coffee be made if you drink coffee all day?

I drink it til it's gone and then it's time for another. I'm down to 2 pots a day myself. As long as it's hot I'll drink it all day long. LOL

Any ideas for hot drinks that don't involve tea, coffee, or alcohol?

Hot water, hot cocoa or hot broth..Wishing You Well Hot Chocolate2 TBSP cocoa1 ½ tsp corn syrupDash of salt¾ cup boiling waterMilkMix cocoa , corn syrup and salt in a mug or cup; ... Read More »