Coffee machines HELP ?

Answer I would go with a Keurig and just buy a separate milk frother. The other single serve brewers produce sub par coffee.

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Which coffee machines work with the Costa coffee?

You put compatible in air quotes. I think that I won't answer your question, as you knew when you asked it.Yes

How do I clean Jura Capresso coffee machines?

Use a Vinegar and Water MixtureFill a quarter of the Jura Capresso coffee machine pot with white vinegar and the rest with water.Remove Paper FiltersRemove all paper filters from the coffee machine... Read More »

I need help with Coffee names and whatnot. Help, please?

Depends on what you're making. I mix cafe cubano with milk for cafe de leche. I don't "cappuccinos". If you're just having coffee, use creamer. Milk is for tea. Anc foffe with a littel sugar to swe... Read More »

Yard Machines Deck Help?

Yard Machines mowers are manufactured by the MTD company out of Cleveland, Ohio. It produces 10 push mower and five riding mower models under their Yard Machines product line. Each push and riding ... Read More »