Coffee Tea Hot Chocolate Milk Or other Which do you like to have in the morning?

Answer Coffee so I can wake upHot chocolate at night for a good night sleepmilk in my cereal on weekendsand Tea sunday nights with the familyguten tag, good day or buen dia

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Coffee Hot Chocolate Tea Milk or Juice Which do you like to have to start your day?

Hi I love a hot cup of coffee from the coffee machine :-),It is great to start the day with my cereal :-)Have a great day and great question as always :-)

Milk Tea Hot Chocolate Or other Which do you like to drink before bedtime?

I drink ice water. I have to have it by my bed when I go to sleep.

Survey If you like hot chocolate do you prefer it made with water and a drop of milk or all milk or other?

First of all; woo scooter the magic squirrel answered this questionn!!! phaha what a legend.And now on to your question; what i had once in a hotel is in a small jug there was some milk and in the ... Read More »

Coffee Tea Hot Chocolate Milk Or Orange Juice Which is your Breakfast drink?

It depends on what I'm eating.If its scrambled eggs, orange juice.If it's pancakes, especically chocolate chip, it's 1% milk.If it's something small, like toast or a muffin, something hot, like cof... Read More »