Coffee Tea Hot Chocolate Milk Or Orange Juice Which is your Breakfast drink?

Answer It depends on what I'm eating.If its scrambled eggs, orange juice.If it's pancakes, especically chocolate chip, it's 1% milk.If it's something small, like toast or a muffin, something hot, like cof... Read More »

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Coffee Hot Chocolate Tea Milk or Juice Which do you like to have to start your day?

Hi I love a hot cup of coffee from the coffee machine :-),It is great to start the day with my cereal :-)Have a great day and great question as always :-)

Simple Drink question. Pepsi Orange Juice Vitamin Water Or Milk Which from this list do u like better?

Survey:Which fruit juice do you drink with your breakfast?

I can't. I just drink water with breakfast..Being that i'm a diabetic, fruit juice sends my blood glucose levels in to craziness.

Do you prefer Chocolate milk or orange juice?

Chocolate milk :) and no i've never mixed them lol have you?