Codex = genocide (3 billion people) Does anybody know about this?

Answer They have put this forward in Australia. It pretty much means that only doctors can prescribe vitamin suppliments. This is horrible because the FDA is a corrupt organization that is pushing out "me... Read More »

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I dont know anything about stock market, can anybody explain me about this?

Well just have a go at the previous answer of mine, its worth a beginners tutorial.…

What do you know about Codex Alimentarius and Monsanto?

They are the reason I went to great lengths to grow my own foods as much as possible! Monsanto has literally taken over the food industry by forcing farmers to use their GMO (genetically modified)... Read More »

Does anybody know this nursery rhyme It ends like this...?

Say, Say my playmateSay, Say my playmateCome out and play with meAnd bring your dollies threeClimb up my apple treeSlide down my rain barrelInto my cellar doorAnd we'll be jolly friendsForever more... Read More »

"Does anybody know about AAWPEP"?